We received entries from across the USA and 9 other countries, more than doubling our expected submissions. The quality of the films and creative storylines delighted our Judges Panel but made their job of selecting a film line-up a very arduous task. Twenty films made the cut and screened on Wednesday, October 28 at AMC Centerpoint 11 Theatres in Tempe, Arizona.

Official Films

1954 (Suspense, Drama, USA) - Ghost tours deliver scary stories, and that’s about it. However, if the tour happens to bill itself as a special engagement involving the year 1954, then you can expect an experience that exceeds expectations, including those for survival.

Sleight (Thriller, Horror, Mystery, United Arab Emirates) - A late night radio host goes off on a rant about his disdain for magicians. But when a man claiming to be a magician calls on air, things get increasingly sinister. Southwest and Arizona Premiere!

B Is For Bath (Horror, USA) - A Man meet a Woman for what appears to be a date, but this meeting turns out to be something far more sinister. Southwest and Arizona Premiere!

Mr. Dentonn (Fantasy, Spain) - On a cold winter night, Laura reads her brother David the story of a strange creature that attacks children. Suddenly, a shiver runs over Laura's body, feeling a strange presence in the house.

The Fleshiest (Horror, Thailand/USA) - Rick, a struggling artist fails to create portraits. One day an accident leads him to create the amazing portrait. Aida, a young journalist visits his gallery. She wants to make an article. Rick gives her and article and another special gift that she didn’t expect.World Premiere!

Iris (Thriller, United Kingdom/ USA) - A smart phone proves to be too much for one man as he carries out a murderous plan.

Chateau Sauvignon: terroir (Horror, Slasher, Coming of Age, USA) - Follows the isolated adolescent son of a storied vinter family who finds himself torn between obeying his father’s callous restrictions and preventing his ailing mother from deteriorating further. Southwest and Arizona Premiere!

In the Dark (Drama, Horror, USA) - A couple's marriage falls apart as their son insists that a man is living inside his closet.USA, Southwest and Arizona Premiere!

From Rise to Set (Horror, Drama, Fantasy, Arizona, USA) - When scientists bring a subject back from the dead, she infects everyone in the building. Stuck in the middle are two lab assistants who try to keep each other alive. Their bond of friendship is tested when one of them gets infected.

Slashed (Horror, Comedy, Musical, Short, Narrative, Slasher, Student, Arizona, USA) - In this slasher comedy musical, Nancy must decide whether or not to stand up to her masked murderer husband after a run-in with some of his victims. Phoenix Premiere!

Seven Crossings (Student, Arizona, USA) - A suspicious neighbor moves in across the street, leading a teenager to discover his hidden past. World Premiere!

Flight Fright (Horror, Comedy, Arizona, USA) - An airline passenger with a fear of flying starts to have side effects and see strange things after taking nerve medicine. This award winning comedy is a parody of the Twilight Zone episode "Nightmare At 20,000 Feet" and features a cameo by film comedian Eddie Deezen.

Up Route (Horror, Arizona, USA) - An unnerving tale about a hitchhiker who is picked up by a strange man and his (even stranger) potted plant.

Freddy Got Fingered (Horror, Comedy, Arizona, USA) - Officer Lutz and Officer Winkle are two clueless detectives investigating a recent attack by Freddy Krueger himself. As they question the only living witness, their questions come off as more offensive than productive. World Premiere!

A Haunting on Butterscotch lane (Horror, Comedy, Arizona, USA) - Two brothers, one haunted house, and a lot of Cheetos. World Premiere!

Awakenings (Horror, Mystery, India) - The line between dreams and reality is blurred when a young woman in charge of two children is haunted by mysterious entities.

Remedy (Horror, Thriller, USA) - Anna suffers from an unknown illness which she chooses to face alone and tries to find out the best treatment for herself.

Don't Let Them In (Horror, USA) - Dan Metzger, a struggling author, consumed with the urban legend of the Black Eyed Kids, fears his obsession has led their evil to his door. Southwest and Arizona Premiere!

Stranger (Horror, Thriller, Drama, Canada) - A marriage falls apart when a married couple find themselves being stalked by a strange man staring at them from the shadows across the street from their house.USA, Southwest and Arizona Premiere!

Debris (Horror, USA) - A down-on-his-luck treasure hunter finds a cursed samurai sword washed up on the beach. "In Debris, I wanted to explore the question of what would be the weirdest, coolest, most dangerous thing that could wash ashore from the Japan tsunami?" — Nicole Jones-Dion, Director of Debris. Southwest and Arizona Premiere!