A3F History

Twenty years of making filmmakers Almost Famous!

The Almost Famous Film Festival, created by brothers Jae and Kai Staats, originated in 2005 with a 48 Hour Short Film Challenge that became an overnight success. Two years later, 82 teams of filmmakers took part in the annual 48 Hour Challenge making it one of the largest film challenges in the country.

ImageBased in Phoenix, Arizona, the A3F attracts filmmakers from across the Southwest. With over thirty hosted film challenges, including 24 and 72 Hour challenges, All-Stars events, three International Short Film Festivals, a Music Video contest, Musical film challenge, One-Shot film challenges and a 10-Day film challenge in 2022, the A3F continues to expand its leadership role by giving participants opportunities to make movies.

A3F Incorporated continues the successful tradition of the Almost Famous Film Festival by providing educational workshops, filmmaker mixers, scholarships and events for the film and arts community in Arizona. We are currently raising funds for 2024-25 tuition scholarships to celebrate our 20th Anniversary.

ImageThe mission statement of the A3F is to put the filmmakers first. We accomplish this by running a festival that caters to the needs of its participants and audience. We keep our entry fees affordable, give away A3F goodies at screenings and events, hand out prizes and awards at the public screenings, and attract sponsors that have a direct interest in independent filmmaking and the surrounding community.

Most importantly, we answer all of your emails and questions in a prompt manner, ask your advice on how to improve our events and maintain our number one priority...to make you Almost Famous! Please join our Mailing List for updates on future A3F events.

Filmmaker Feedback

WOW! WOW! WOW! That was my reaction last night -- as I watched your awesome festival. The venue was impressive, the filmmakers were so proud and excited, and it was so well organized! You've really done something great here and deserve a million congratulations.” -- Lisa Thompson