A Homebound Film Challenge

Welcome to the A3F Six Feet of Separation Short Film Challenge. With the current state of our world today and most people homebound, we wanted to offer a creative and fun activity that will hopefully provide some much needed distraction for families, kids or anyone with a desire to make a movie! Thirty-five teams signed-up with 24 teams beating the 72 hour deadline.

Theme: Transformation or Do Over (pick one Theme for your film!)
Line of Dialogue: "There's always tomorrow." (You can add words before or after but the line has to be said word-for-word. Subtitles are okay too)
Prop: a piece of Paper (where a character must write something on a piece of paper (can be any type of paper!)
World Premiere!
Pop some popcorn and watch the 24 Finalists Films on our online Showcase!
  • Films must be 1-3 minutes long (including credits).
  • Monologues or films with family members only.
  • All footage should be shot at your home or safe space with no locations and no interaction or endangerment to others not participating in your film.
  • Please abide by any/all local guidelines and rules concerning COVID-19.
  • Cast and crew must promise to have fun and become Almost Famous!

  • Judges Panel
  • Jason Francois - As Assistant A3F Director, Jason brings a wealth of film knowledge and experience to the panel. Jason excels in script-writing, directing and has a technical expertise on a movie set that has translated into several award-winning short films and a feature currently on Netflix.
  • Laurie Love - Laurie is an Arizona native, SAG-AFTRA Actress, Producer, Writer, and Stuntwoman whom found her love of filmmaking and the love of her life, director Brian Skiba, while competing in the Almost Famous Film Festival. She is currently writing, developing, acting and producing on several projects from Los Angeles and honored to be invited to judge.
  • Jae Staats - Founded the A3F in 2005 to bring a high-quality and filmmaker-inspired festival to the valley. Jae also runs BallBoy Productions, a local video production company and has collaborated on several award-winning short films and national commercials.