72 Hour Film Challenge 2023

Become Almost Famous February 17-20!

We're back! Arizona's largest and most exciting film challenge kicks-off February 17-20, 2023. Open to all ages and abilities, this is the premier event in the Southwest. Check out the teams who have registered so far. Don't live in Phoenix, no problem, click here for more info.


On Friday, Feb. 17, we will announce the Official Guidelines for the 72 Hour Challenge at our Kick-Off Party at Elevated Seltzer (5813 N 7th St Suite 140, Phoenix, AZ 85014) from 5-7p.m. and on our social media pages. Kick-Off Party is open to all ages and cast/crew!

Teams will then have 3 days or 72 hours to make a 1-5 minute film based on a Theme, a Prop and a Line of Dialogue. Your film can be any genre. Films that beat the 72 hour deadline will be watched and scored by our Judges Panel and the Top 20 films will play at our legendary public screening on March 2 (location/time TBA). Be creative and think outside-the-box!


Assign a Team Leader to pay the entry fee below (includes 2 Tix to the Top 20 Public Screening) and also sign the online release form. Teams can be any size. The registration fee is $50 until February 17. *No refunds.

Please type in your Team Name and the name of your Team Leader and then click on the Pay Now button (PayPal and debit/credit are accepted).

Team Name:
Team Leader:

  • Theme: ??? (posted here Feb. 17 at 7p.m.)
  • Prop: ??? (posted here Feb. 17 at 7p.m.)
  • Line of Dialogue: ??? (posted here Feb. 17 at 7p.m.)


    We will screen the top 20 films on March 2, more information on location and time as well as ticket sales will be posted here.

  • Films must be 1-5 minutes long (including credits).
  • All footage must be shot within the 72 hour time period (locations can be scouted beforehand, animators are allowed to pre-sketch templates/characters).
  • Filmmakers should secure permission for all locations and any music/songs used within their films.
  • Adult content such as language, violence and sexual situations is allowed, however, make sure it fits your storyline and enhances your film.
  • Cast and crew must promise to have fun and become Almost Famous!

  • Jason Francois - As Assistant A3F Director, Jason brings a wealth of film knowledge and experience to the panel. Jason excels in script-writing, directing and has a technical expertise on a movie set that has translated into several award-winning short films and a feature currently on Netflix.
  • Sean Dillingham - Appearing in over 150+ commercials and 70+ films and 25 national television series, Sean is truly an inspiration and success story of a valley actor making it big in Hollywood. Sean can currently be seen on Netflix in Falling For Christmas.
  • Laura Durant - For more than two decades, Laura has been the most trusted 'go to' resource for actors and producers in Phoenix, AZ The AriZoni Awards honored Laura with a Distinguished Service Award for her efforts in keeping the Valley theater community connected, and she has been nominated as Arts Advocate of the Year by the Arts and Business Council of Greater Phoenix.
  • Jae Staats - Founded the A3F in 2005 to bring a high-quality and filmmaker-inspired festival to the valley. Jae also runs BallBoy Productions, a local video production company and has collaborated on several award-winning short films and national commercials.